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Turf for sports fields & clubs in Central Queensland

Bowling Green Lawn Perspective  — Lawns Service in Marian, QLD
Play sport at any time with lush, green turf for your field. At Marian Lawns, we cater to a wide range of sporting clubs and facilities throughout Central and North Queensland.

Our team is experienced in renovating and redeveloping sporting fields, ensuring that you have the correct grass for the type of sport being played at any given time. Not only that, we can reconstruct your playing field, club ground or golf course after particularly vigorous games where the grass has been left damaged or patchy.

Turf for sporting facilities must be hardy enough to withstand the variety of sports played, but also the damage that can be done by having multiple people running around on it for a lengthy amount of time. Marian Lawns provides a range of strong Greenlees Park Green Couch grass that can stand up to this type of use.

When laying turf on sporting grounds, it's important to consider the timing of the job. Turf takes roughly 2 weeks to root, and as such we don't recommend using the grounds for games or matches during that time.

We're committed to ensuring your grass is installed on time and to your budget. Prior to laying the turf, we will prepare the area with fertilisers to assist the grass with taking root and promote growth.

After the turf is installed, it's important to adhere to the correct aftercare and maintenance routine to keep your grass lush and green. This includes regular mowing, fertilising and de-thatching, which will keep your grass healthy and minimise the risks of your turf developing diseases.

Call us today for a quote on turf for your sporting facility. We service a wide area of Central and North Queensland, including Marian, Mt Isa, Brisbane and Cairns.