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Marian Lawns was established in 1979 as a small 1000m2 turf farm in the Central Coast's Pioneer Valley. Since then, we've developed into a sprawling, 25-hectare farm that grows a range of native Australian grasses, servicing residential, commercial and civil properties—even sporting customers.
We're a family-owned business that has spanned 3 generations of farmers working with and producing quality turf. We're proud to be local, servicing a wide area of Central and North Queensland including Mackay, Brisbane, Mt Isa, Cairns and other areas.

Over our 40 years in business, we've trialled, commercially grown and sold approximately 15 varieties of turf. We do this to keep up with the constant changes in breeding grass specific to certain applications, allowing us to offer the best quality turf to our customers at all times. Many of these are Australian-developed grasses, with a number also being developed in the United States.

As of 2016, we as a business decided to commit to producing only Australian-developed and grown grass varieties, with three quality varieties currently being bred at the farm—Sir Walter Buffalo, Greenlees Park Green Couch and Zoysia Matrella Shadetuff. At Marian Lawns, we're the only stockist of Zoysia Matrella Shadetuff and Ozyboy in Central Queensland. In addition to that, we have a variety of other zoysia grasses and variant species of green couch under trial that we hope to begin planting out soon.

During our 40 years as an independent business, Marian Lawns has continued to be an advocate for both the Queensland state turf organisation, Turf Queensland, and Turf Australia, the national body. Both of these are fundamental organisations for recognising and promoting the importance of grass in our society, both aesthetically and as a crucial aspect of preserving our environment.

In addition to our commitment to the wider Australian environment, we're committed to giving back to our community. We do this through sponsoring sporting teams and supporting other local businesses whenever we have the chance.

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