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Commercial turf for schools & playgrounds in North Queensland

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At Marian Lawns, we take pride in installing turf on your commercial lawn. Working across Central and North Queensland, our experienced team lays turf in schools, public playgrounds, resorts, and other public, grassed areas.

When laying a commercial lawn, we understand that grass in commercial areas has different requirements to that on residential properties. To choose the right turf for a particular area, we need to take into account several factors such as the environment, existing landscaping, foot traffic, and how heavily the lawn itself is likely to be used.

We have 3 grass varieties that are suited to commercial applications, though each has its own requirements in terms of sun exposure, drought resistance and maintenance. If you're not sure which variety is right for your project, our team is more than happy to have a chat and advise you on the best choice.

To lay a commercial or civil lawn, our team will first inspect and level the soil at your site. If installing an irrigation system throughout your lawn, we recommend doing it at this stage, after the soil is levelled but before the turf itself is laid.

Next, we will bring in turf that is best suited to your specific area and install it quickly and easily. If on a slope, we will also peg your turf to ensure it stays in place. When the turf is down, we'll go over it with a roller and make sure all edges are neatly trimmed.

Once the turf is down, it will require regular, ongoing maintenance to ensure the grass takes root, and flourishes long-term. This includes watering, mowing, de-thatching and fertilising.

Call us today for more information or a quote on turf for commercial or civil projects.